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  • Extra Ears

    Ever need to record a conversation? Help with notes at school? Monitor what the kids are saying in the bedroom? Making sure babysitter isn't saying mean things to the kids?  I know I have!  So I use my recorder whenever I'm in a meeting so I can go back instead of not hearing any of the meeting because I'm busy writing notes.  This recorder has helped bring my life some ease!  I also use it for my invention ideas, my writing notes for my book, and my grocery list.  I have found so many uses since I bought this and am looking forward to finding more uses!

  • When I'm not home

    Even though I live in a very safe neighborhood, I still use a surveillance system.  I love it.  I have a dog at home and it's fun to see what all he does while I'm away.  When he was a puppy, I watch him sleep in his crate.  As he got older, I would study his movements, actions, times he ate, and how often he went to the door.  So not only is the system good for protection, but it also provides a monitoring system for all the daily action.  Use it for when the kids come home from school, Whatever the case, whether it be for protection or just to survey the area, a surveillance camera is a necessity.

  • Comb that doesn't JUST make you pretty

    Now I have something I can keep in my purse, back pocket, vanity table that not only grooms my mane but protects me if the need arises.  I have a working comb that when I need, pulls open to expose a knife longer than 4 inches.  There's nothing better than being able to take care of myself without being flashy.

  • High Def Security

    For many years, high-definition has been the gold-standard in entertainment technology. It is now easier and more affordable than ever to have a custom surveillance solution. As leaders and innovators in the security industry, 6 O'clock Securities is proud to present a range of powerful and affordable HD security solutions that leave nothing to the imagination. View your world with the vigilance of an eagle through the watchful eye of an HD security camera.

  • Light it up

    Night time comes daily so if you're a person that likes to run, walk the dog, power walk, ride bikes, work construction, safety patrol, clubbing, hunters, hikers, campers, kids in the yard, even leaving work at night.  We could all use a little light in the dark of dark. So put some lights on your person, spokes on your bike, your pet's collar, or wrists and shoes.

  • Pool Alarm

    It's fall and the pool isn't being used very often.  It's still too warm to winterize and yet too cold to swim in daily.  Make sure you have your pool alarm to make sure no one is in your pool without your notice.  The pool alarm will sound giving notification of any unwanted visitors such as a dog, child, teenager, or anyone not wanted.

  • Hide my money from teenagers

    I have young ones in the house there are times I need to hide items they don't need to find.  Sounds easy but I'm here to tell you, it's not.  That's why I'm glad I have diversion safes all over the house.  I have one that looks like a paint can in the basement, brake cleaner in the garage, brush in the bathroom, planter on the deck, rock on the front porch, book in my bedroom, closet light in the closet, outlet plug in the hallway, thermometer in the mud room, Lysol in the laundry room, and the clock in the office.  I even have a coffee mug I use on the go.  I leave money in a water bottle in the car. I'd use the Coke can diversion safe if I knew they wouldn't try to open it!

  • Peppers anyone?

    Ever rub your eyes after cutting peppers? I did last night and I cried! My eyes were so irritated I couldn't see for what felt like hours! I couldn't imagine how an attacker would feel after receiving pepper spray to the face! The pepper shot hits the face and just burns! I love how there's dye in the spray so they can be identified very easily when they think they're "blending" into the crowd!

  • Weather, no problem!

    I hope to never have to say I have that on camera but, if I do, I'm ready! I just installed some weather proof cameras on my property.  I am like most people in that I wish we lived in an honest world. Unfortunately, those days are not here. Fortunately, I now have clear cameras that are even crystal clear at night!

  • Nightly run

    I enjoy a good run. It keeps me in good shape, a stress reducer, and just an all around me time. My biggest problem is my running takes place while the Moon is lit rather than the sun. I have found wearing lights have helped cars see me better. I just added lights to my bicycle so I can integrate that into my exercise. Definitely makes me feel better knowing others see me!

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