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Power Supplies & Batteries

Here you can find power options for the self-protection and security products we offer. Whether you need a rechargeable battery pack for your metal detectors or a power supply to charge your taser, we have everything you need to be ready again for any threat.

Shop our wide selection of battery packs and power supply options to find products like lithium‑ion covert battery packs, rechargeable battery kits, and 9V Energizer batteries as well as 9V, 12V and 24V power supply adapters for your security and self-defense products all in one place.

If you need help finding the right battery or power option for your product, give us a call today at 1‑419‑624‑2294 to speak with one of our experts. We’re more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about our rechargeable battery packs and power supply adapters.

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You can never have enough batteries. If you want to avoid frustration, stock up now. That goes for all of your household appliances, especially your alarm and home monitoring system. History has shown that disaster strikes at any second and what if the next storm or earthquake takes out your electricity? Be prepared no matter the reason.

We carry multiple batter packs to accommodate all your security needs from your smoke detector to you surveillance system.

So, before you purchase anything, make sure that you know the exact voltage that's recommended for the surveillance cameras you are going to use. Use a 9v power supply for a 9v camera, a 24v power supply for a 24v camera, and so on. For 12v cameras, we have both 500mAh as well as 1000mAh power supplies - what you need depends on your cameras.

If you are unsure, find out the exact CCTV camera power supply voltage from where you acquired your cameras. The exact voltage is crucial to preventing damage to your devices, as well as to keeping them in good working condition. It is the same reason that we require the use of 9 volt Energizer Eveready batteries on the warranty of our Stun Master stun guns. Some devices are just more compatible with others.

There is also the even simpler option of using a wireless security camera power source: batteries. This is especially useful if your CCTV security setup is outdoors, or any place that's far from any existing outlets. This option is best for if you do not need your security cameras operating 24/7. If you need only 8 to 10 hours of surveillance, you can use the remaining hours of the day to recharge your batteries, and ensure that the next 8 to 10 hours are covered. Or, if you need 24/7 surveillance, but can ensure that the batteries are replaced before they run out, then this is the option for you.

Remember that security camera DVR power consumption can very much limit the hours in which the batteries in your cameras are useful. However, a wireless or built-in DVR also allows you to lessen the complicated wiring in your system. It is also the fastest, most efficient solution for singular or small security camera systems.