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About Us

My name is Cheryl, or Cher for short, and I opened 6 O'Clock Securities so people could have an opportunity to carry something to defend themselves instead of, or along with, a pistol.  

When I was in my early twenties, I worked a night job at a mall. One night, after my shift, I was attacked in the parking lot. Luckily, I had my stun gun. He went down, giving me time to get to my car and get out of the area. I was young, but was taught to take care of myself.

Now, I'm in my forties, and have two amazing children. I wanted to arm myself, but notice many places don't allow pistols. Having a stun gun or pepper spray seems to draw less attention. You should carry some type of defense, regardless of age, so you would be less likely harmed in a potentially dangerous situation. I even taught my mother, in her 70's, how to defend herself as well as my children.

Now you have that chance. 

  • Stun guns have an LED flashlight.  Use it to walk your dog at night. 
  • Carry a pen? You can have one that breaks glass if your trapped in your car or building. 
  • Work in an office cubicle?  You can turn on your hidden camera when you step out to make sure no one is stealing from you.
  • Live in a college dorm or have roommates?  You can hide your possessions in a hidden safe. 
  • Like having a pistol on the nightstand in case of a break in?  Tasers can give you not only the peace of mind of having a gun next to you, but also the chance of saving the person you shot just in case it's not an intruder but your family member coming home late and scared you.

Not every weapon has to be lethal.  You can have a non-lethal self defense weapon that's strong enough to take down your attacker and allow you to get away safely.  It's ALWAYS better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Non-lethal weapons are intended to minimize injury or death.  It's your choice.