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Animal Repellents

Animal repellents are specifically formulated sprays made either naturally or synthetically to deter specific animals (designated on can) away from anything on which you spray the repellent. These sprays are commonly used to keep certain animals from coming near people, plants, property, or public areas. They work by matching a species’ natural dislike for certain smells.

When would you use animal deterrent spray? You can use repellent sprays at home or when you take a vacation. Next time you go camping out in the woods, make sure to grab some bear repellent spray to keep bears away from your campsite. Maybe there’s an annoying or potentially dangerous dog in your neighborhood. Our dog deterrent spray will have dogs avoiding your property like never before. Animal repellents can also be ultrasonic devices that emit sound at a frequency harmless to humans yet irritating to certain animals.

Shop our selection of animal repellents for an easy, cost effective way to keep animals away from your family, home, or campsite.

Always verify that it is legal to purchase and use animal repellents in your area before ordering.

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If you do not want to carry any spray, the Electronic Dog Repeller is an alternative to an aerosol device in making hostile dogs retreat. For this animal repeller ultrasonic is the way to go. It emits an annoying but non-harmful sound in a frequency so high that only dogs can hear it. And if you are not using it to defend yourself from rabid dogs, you can flip it to the training setting for use on your own dogs.

If you happen to live in or near bear country, you literally have bigger problems, for which we have a couple of solutions. The Mace Bearspray is bear pepper spray for warding off these large, lethal creatures even from a long distance.

There is also the Guard Alaska Bear Spray, the only EPA-registered bear spray approved for all bear species. It is non-flammable, is not harmful to the ozone, and does not even have an expiration date.

Is it advisable to use bear spray vs dog attacks? No. Bear sprays are for bears; dog sprays are for dogs; human sprays are for humans. None of these are interchangeable. Each kind of pepper spray is specially formulated for its intended recipients. If you are buying one, please use it accordingly.

By using animal repellent technology in the way it was intended to be used, we are guaranteeing the safety of both the humans on the giving end and the animals on the receiving end. Remember to use these devices only for defense and never for picking a fight with a dog or bear that's minding its own business. While they do no permanent damage, they will cause pain and annoyance to the animal. Instead of teaching animals that humans are a hostile species, teach them that we can and will defend ourselves if and when we get threatened.