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WildFire 2 oz. Flip-Top Pepper Gel

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Wildfire 18% Pepper gel takes self-defense to the next level by giving you the power of pepper spray in a sticky gel that will put an attacker down with just one shot. And because the gel is sticky, it stays in place once it makes contact with the skin. This makes for more effective stopping power and a longer recovery time.

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Detailed Description

Spray an attacker with this pepper gel and it will stick like glue. If your attacker attempts to rub his or her face or eyes, he/she will only make matters worse. That's what makes this product so effective as a non-lethal self-defense weapon. The gel quickly permeates the skin to create significant discomfort. It causes swelling of the eyes, respiratory distress, and a burning sensation in the skin.

Wildfire 18% pepper gel is safe to use indoors when deployed properly. You don't have to worry about overspray, so others in the same proximity are less likely to be bothered by it. This is the perfect Pepper spray product for your car, your RV, and even your home.

What You Get

The 2-ounce Wildfire 18% pepper gel in the flip-top dispenser gives you between 6 and 8 half-second bursts of pepper gel with a range of 8 to 10 feet. Compared to a non-gel pepper spray product, the gel pepper spray affords more accuracy and greater distances. This gives you even more time to make a quick escape because you can spray your attacker before he or she gets too close.

Also note that the dispenser is small enough for easy concealment. Carry it in your bag, your purse, a coat pocket, or anywhere else that gives you easy access. The flip-top dispenser is designed for fast and easy deployment in the event of emergency.

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