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WildFire 9 oz. Pistol Grip Pepper Gel

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The only thing better than pepper spray is pepper spray gel. And there is no better gel than the Wildfire 18% formula dispensed by this powerful 9 oz. canister with a pistol grip. The Wildfire 9 oz. pistol grip pepper gel canister puts the power of 3 million SHUs in your hand. That's enough heat to stop even the most aggressive attacker.

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Detailed Description

If you are already familiar with pepper spray, you're going to love the Wildfire 18% pepper spray gel. This product's formula offers you tremendous accuracy at a range of up to 20 feet. That means you can spray an attacker without being too close. That's important because distance can be critical in a dangerous situation.

Also note that you can use this pepper spray gel indoors and not have to worry about overspray. Unlike a standard spray or fogger, the effects of pepper spray gel are very much localized. Your attacker is the only one who will suffer from the heat of Wildfire 18% pepper spray gel.

Safety and Accuracy at a Distance 

The pistol grip makes this pepper spray gel dispenser easy to use with pinpoint accuracy. And because the product is a gel, it will stick to your attacker on contact. Any attempt to wipe it away will only spread the gel across your attacker's face, making matters worse. In seconds he or she will feel searing heat, intense pain, respiratory distress, and irritated eyes. Just one shot should put most attackers down.

You can use the 9 oz. pistol grip pepper gel dispenser at home as a non-lethal means of self-defense. You can carry it with you (in states where it is legal) whenever you know you'll be moving about in dangerous areas. This is one non-lethal self-defense product you can carry with confidence.

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