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  • Electric Shock Prods

    Stun batons are similar in basic design to an electric cattle prod.  It has a metal end split into 2 parts electrically insulated from each other, or 2 thin projecting metal electrodes about an inch apart, at an end of a shaft containing the batteries and mechanism.  At the other end of the shaft of the baton are a handle and a switch.  Both electrodes have to touch the subject.

    Some devices available can be disguised as other objects, such as canes, hicking sticks, umbrellas, and long flashlights.

  • Get to know the tactical baton

    Tactical batons are shafts made of steel, mostly, have a solid tip at the outer end of the innermost, and usually in a straight configuration.  A great weapon to have by your side when you need to make impact.

    Many officers carry these batons, and for good reason.  The expandable batons collapse when not in use to the size of your forearm.  When needed, they extend to lenghts of 16 to 26 inches, give or take.  The batons break glass, if you're trapped in your vehicle, strike your assailant, block a hit, and show you mean business.

    Great idea to take hiking and camping.  Come across an alligator, bear, or any other creature, a baton might be your only means of defense.

  • Pen knives

    When I was in my early 20's, I had a part time job that required me to work late hours. That meant I walked out to a dark parking lot many nights and wanted something just in case I was ever confronted. I purchased a pen knife. I would hold it in my hand when I walked out and felt a lot more confident. I would practice with it at home to become familiar with its capability and mine. I still carry my pen knife today.

  • Rubber Handle Steel Expandable Baton

    A co-worker of mine has a job that causes her to work late into the night.  So for that reason alone, she would carry an expandable baton.  One of those evenings, she was approached by a would-be attacker if it wasn't for her quick thinking and expanding her baton.

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