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Cell Phones

  • Audio Recorders and Why We Need Them

    Conversations may need to be recorded for a number of different reasons such as recording phone calls, interviewing someone, quality control purposes, or recording a lecture for later use. 6 O’clock Securities offers the best MP3 voice recorders that are versatile, reliable, and give you crisp, clear voice audio playback.

    Our high-quality digital voice recorders give you incredible value because they are cost-effective, provide exceptional audio quality and come with a variety of useful features and specifications. Using the latest in recording technology, these audio recorders hold up to 4GB, play in MP3 format, and come with a professional external microphone as well as a high-quality built-in microphone. Our digital voice recorders are portable and discreet, and easily fit in any pocket or purse. They’re very simple to use and great for anyone that needs to record conversation.

    Besides using digital voice recorders for security reasons, they can be an indispensable business tool, whether you need to dictate business letters or memos or record meetings, conferences, interviews or lectures. Modern digital voice recorders are compact, light, and can record hundreds or even thousands of hours of high quality digital audio that can be easily transferred via USB to a personal computer for permanent storage and/or transcription.

  • Cell Phone Stun Gun

    The good, the bad and the ugly.  Sounds pretty good when it comes to defending oneself.  I'm a good girl walking down the street holding my cell phone stun gun, just in case.  The bad person wants to come up to me and invade my space and destroy my life.  The ugly happens when I have to turn my cell phone stun gun into a defense mechanism to protect myself.

  • cell phone zapper

    Since just about everyone has a cell phone, what a great idea to make your protection look like one!  As I was doing a show last weekend, it was nice to hear a few people carry a stun gun that looks like a cell phone.  Stun guns are wonderful to carry especially because they are non lethal, lightweight, and easy to use.

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