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  • Extra Ears

    Ever need to record a conversation? Help with notes at school? Monitor what the kids are saying in the bedroom? Making sure babysitter isn't saying mean things to the kids?  I know I have!  So I use my recorder whenever I'm in a meeting so I can go back instead of not hearing any of the meeting because I'm busy writing notes.  This recorder has helped bring my life some ease!  I also use it for my invention ideas, my writing notes for my book, and my grocery list.  I have found so many uses since I bought this and am looking forward to finding more uses!

  • When I'm not home

    Even though I live in a very safe neighborhood, I still use a surveillance system.  I love it.  I have a dog at home and it's fun to see what all he does while I'm away.  When he was a puppy, I watch him sleep in his crate.  As he got older, I would study his movements, actions, times he ate, and how often he went to the door.  So not only is the system good for protection, but it also provides a monitoring system for all the daily action.  Use it for when the kids come home from school, Whatever the case, whether it be for protection or just to survey the area, a surveillance camera is a necessity.

  • Child Abduction

    A friend of mine almost had her son taken when he exited the bus and started walking home from school.  Luckily, she keeps tabs and uses a GPS as well as being right there to pick her son up.

  • Updated Dog Whistle

    I remember the days when you would blow the dog whistle just to hear the neighbor dogs all start to howl and bark.  Life was simple and entertainment was easy.  Now there are more dogs undisciplined and possible threats as you walk, jog, or stroll.  The super dogchaser is the modernized version of the dog whistle with a bright light to temporarily blind the pooch.  My postal carrier has this on hand just in case a strange dog is wondering the neighborhood.  I would love to see children that walk to school or play near the woods carry this for extra safety.

  • When dogs keep coming

    I have a friends that are dog wardens, postal carriers, even joggers.  They all have something in common, they come in contact with unfamiliar dogs.  Luckily, there are items that can detour the four legs to stop charging.  Whether it be a spray or electronic repellent, I know my friends are safe.  So if you have a friend or family member that walks, jogs, works, or comes in contact with dogs, please have them carry a repellent.

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