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  • Let's paintball

    Paintball is a sport in which players compete to eliminate opponents by tagging whem with capsules containing a water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside propelled from a blow gun or paintball gun.  Paintball is used by military forces, police, security, besides game use.

  • Running Safety tip 2

    Tip 2 for running safely out there! Don't wear dark clothing! Safety measure 2 to keep you safe. Wear bright clothes and light up your existence. Wearing lights can assist in this and it helps you to see at night as well! Light up your shoes and arms!   These also work great for people that work outside, construction workers, kids playing at night, Mardi Gras, concerts, hunters, fishermen, crossing guards, or any outside venue.

  • Running safety

    Tip 1 for running safely out there! Don't wear earbuds. If an attacker is coming up behind you, you won't be able to hear them! Safety measure 1 to help if attacked.  Wear a hidden camera. Wearing a hidden camera allows you to better identify your attacker.  Your camera can record positive identification, time, and place.

  • Nightly run

    I enjoy a good run. It keeps me in good shape, a stress reducer, and just an all around me time. My biggest problem is my running takes place while the Moon is lit rather than the sun. I have found wearing lights have helped cars see me better. I just added lights to my bicycle so I can integrate that into my exercise. Definitely makes me feel better knowing others see me!

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