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Hidden Safe Questions

Question: Is the hidden safe air tight ?

Answer: Yes, no smell will come out of it

Answer: There's no such thing as 'airtight' when it comes to weed.

Question: can my weed fit in a hidden safe?

Answer: yeah, I put all of mine in there.

Answer: Yes, about 1/2oz

Answer: Yep! you can smell it on the outside of the can though.

Question: Will I be able to take this can through airport security?

Answer: I highly suggest NOT doing this. the xray will reveal what is inside.

Answer: You can't take liquids through the TSA check points so, at a minimum, they'll think it's a liquid like any other, confiscate it and, dispose of it.

Answer: Yes, and wear a backpack with hidden cocaine

Answer: Are you (F word) stupid? You aren't even allowed to take that through security if it's actually liquid

Question: is the hidden safe waterproof?

Answer: I´m guessing if you submerge it under water it may flood the inside, but it´s defintetly water ressistant, as it is made out of a real can

Answer: yes, inside the can is a plastic bottle set in some sort of epoxy or plaster. It will keep water out, but i would be leary of submurging it for long periods of time as im not sure what the filler is made of, it may be water soluble.

Question: Can I fit an e cigarrette/vapor pen in a hidden safe?

Answer: I'm not familiar with the size but it should fit. Check reviews carefully, there's a moisture problem with these and I've had to throw a couple away. After a few months they start to mildew and the inside smells. Good luck!

Answer: Yes you can fit a those items inside it.

Answer: Yes Is Pretty Big I Fit Quite A But Of Stuff In Mine!

Question: Is the hidden safe insulated, so if I shake it there wont be noise?

Answer: Yes it's insulated. And no I heard no sounds from it

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