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  • EDC combs

    Never think you are without protection even in the bathroom.  Combs aren't only filed down in prison to make a shard.  Now you can have a comb in the bathroom, in the vehicle, hiding in a purse or back pocket comb that does more than fix hair.  These knives are perfect for protection in nightclubs and even on the street. A harmless hair care accessory at first sight, this fully functional comb transforms into a knife, but not just any knife, a knife that could save your life.  Think outside the glamor circle and know that you can take this comb hiking, camping, shopping, the theatre, desk at work, hotel, anywhere you go.

  • Comb that doesn't JUST make you pretty

    Now I have something I can keep in my purse, back pocket, vanity table that not only grooms my mane but protects me if the need arises.  I have a working comb that when I need, pulls open to expose a knife longer than 4 inches.  There's nothing better than being able to take care of myself without being flashy.

  • College bound

    College is education, meeting new friends, and becoming your own person. Keep safe no matter what field of study you're in with a tactical pen. It's something you can have at all times besides a writing instrument, it could save your life.

  • Easy to pack

    I don't know about the rest of you, but my work hours are getting longer and my lunch box is smaller than a day's worth of food. By the time I pack my salad, dressing, and an apple, I have run out of room! Good thing I have collapsible dishes from 6 O'Clock Securities! My bowl, cup and portable utensils leave me room! Works great when I'm traveling too!

  • Pen Knives

    I absolutely love my pen knife!  Whenever I am walking alone, I have my pen knife in my hand.  I hope to never use it, but if someone comes up from behind me, I am ready.  I like to think our world is still like Leave it to Beaver, but I am smart enough to know differently.

  • Pen knives

    When I was in my early 20's, I had a part time job that required me to work late hours. That meant I walked out to a dark parking lot many nights and wanted something just in case I was ever confronted. I purchased a pen knife. I would hold it in my hand when I walked out and felt a lot more confident. I would practice with it at home to become familiar with its capability and mine. I still carry my pen knife today.

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