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  • Weather, no problem!

    I hope to never have to say I have that on camera but, if I do, I'm ready! I just installed some weather proof cameras on my property.  I am like most people in that I wish we lived in an honest world. Unfortunately, those days are not here. Fortunately, I now have clear cameras that are even crystal clear at night!

  • Nightly run

    I enjoy a good run. It keeps me in good shape, a stress reducer, and just an all around me time. My biggest problem is my running takes place while the Moon is lit rather than the sun. I have found wearing lights have helped cars see me better. I just added lights to my bicycle so I can integrate that into my exercise. Definitely makes me feel better knowing others see me!

  • College bound

    College is education, meeting new friends, and becoming your own person. Keep safe no matter what field of study you're in with a tactical pen. It's something you can have at all times besides a writing instrument, it could save your life.

  • Predators

    Now that school is back in session, be aware that we no longer live in a Mayberry society. Watch for the no windowed vans, suspicious people looking for their missing puppies, down to the curious toddlers running off when you least expect it.

  • Martial arts dream

    I had a dream last night that Bruce Lee was teaching me how to throw ninja stars! How exciting would that be to be trained by the awesome Lee!

  • Hotelling it with kids

    Went with my children out of town last weekend and stayed at a hotel. It was a ground floor and I was concerned. Nowadays you never know if someone is out there ready to kidnap or worse. I make sure to carry protection as well as my door alarm in case someone tries to even jiggle the door.

  • Semi drivers falling asleep

    Anyone else ever worry when you're next to a semi or driving passed one? My drive to work and home is mainly 2 lane highways. I have come across numerous times a semi drifting into my lane and it worries me immensely! I wish they would use the nap alarms available and so inexpensive! I already watch for deer coming into my path, 18 wheels shouldn't be my demise!

  • Easy to pack

    I don't know about the rest of you, but my work hours are getting longer and my lunch box is smaller than a day's worth of food. By the time I pack my salad, dressing, and an apple, I have run out of room! Good thing I have collapsible dishes from 6 O'Clock Securities! My bowl, cup and portable utensils leave me room! Works great when I'm traveling too!

  • Light your shoes

    Whether you're a runner, hiker, walker, biker. Be an adult, a kid, active or squib. Construction worker, safety guide, Halloween costume, or down a slide. Safety lights for shoes rule!

  • Breaking Glass

    I had a chance to try breaking a window pane in case of an emergency. I used my utility pen and struck the window with force. Wow! What an adrenaline rush! It was awesome! Anytime you get a chance to try glass breaking with your own weapon like my pen, I highly suggest it!!!! I got mine at 6 O'Clock Securities.

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