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  • Child Abduction

    A friend of mine almost had her son taken when he exited the bus and started walking home from school.  Luckily, she keeps tabs and uses a GPS as well as being right there to pick her son up.

  • Diversion safe question


    What diversion safes are big enough to keep a passport in? 



    Passports are usually a little over 3" x 4".
    The following diversion safes are big enough for a passport. 6 O'Clock Securities carries a lemonade can, book, combination book, closet light, even a flower pot safe. Hope this helps.

  • Blowguns

    Every time I take my blowgun out to practice, It always makes me feel like I'm hunting in a primitive fashion.  It's so much fun perfecting my accuracy.  I even put the splatmatic on my blowgun to turn it into an automatic!

  • Save save save!

    6 O'Clock Securities has a great sale going on! Save 15% just by ordering $25 or more and typing Christmas in the coupon code!

  • Trust no one

    No matter how much you trust your neighbor, coworker, babysitter, or dog, install a camera.  I have heard from others that they thought they could trust their coffee money in their desk drawer at work, my babysitter would never snoop through my bills, my neighbor wouldn't do that to my lawn, my dog never goes through the trash.  When it does happen, putting in a camera would be too late.  Cameras are inexpensive insurance if it's never used and the best insurance if you have to prove it happened.

  • Ever wonder what your pets do while you're away?

    I always wondered what my pets were doing while I was at work.  I finally decided to put in a surveillance camera.  It was great! I wish I had done it years ago! I now watch my animals eat, sleep, play, and, of course, watch when they do something they're not suppose to! I can view this on my phone and iPad as well as my computer! I love how I was able to find the right surveillance camera that fit my needs.

  • Is your drink safe to drink?

    When I go out drinking with my friends, there are many times that I turn my back on my drink.  I know it can happen to me, but luckily, I haven't had my drink laced with anything.  I now feel even more secure about not having my drink tampered with because I use the Drink Guard date rape tester.  I take them with me whenever I go out now, because I never know.  These testers are so easy to use and I enjoy ordering my favorite drink knowing I can test it anytime thanks to the Drink Guard!

  • Car Camera

    Ever have your car broken into and would love to have known who did it? This happened to my friend, Mark, and afterwards he purchased the car dash camera.  The bad news is if he would have had this prior to his break-in, he would have caught the hood immediately.  The good news is he has the dash camera now so he's ready.

  • Carry your pepper spray

    Pepper spray should be in everyone's purse, belt loop, desk drawer, key ring, nightstand, anywhere you can in order to stop the unwanted from hurting you.  Kids surround your car and start attacking, someone invades a school, thief breaks into your home, a brute wants to rape you, someone pulls a knife on you, robber stops you as you're walking to your car, you're leaving work late, you want to protect your children and yourself as you walk out of a sporting event.  Anywhere, anytime, any unprotected moment someone can try to invade your space.  Pepper spray can change a potential situation.

  • Updated Dog Whistle

    I remember the days when you would blow the dog whistle just to hear the neighbor dogs all start to howl and bark.  Life was simple and entertainment was easy.  Now there are more dogs undisciplined and possible threats as you walk, jog, or stroll.  The super dogchaser is the modernized version of the dog whistle with a bright light to temporarily blind the pooch.  My postal carrier has this on hand just in case a strange dog is wondering the neighborhood.  I would love to see children that walk to school or play near the woods carry this for extra safety.

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