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  • Throwing Star Beginner Technique

    Know how to throw ninja stars? The technique can be a little tough at first, but practice, practice, practice.  There are two common ways to throw a ninja star: horizontally, like a frisbee, or vertically, like a baseball, which is also the easiest and the one we will be discussing. Hold a star between your thumb and index finger, using only the tips of the fingers or hold it in a similar fashion, but extend the index finger and have it run along the side of the star.  Depending on the shape and size, you might want to grip it closer or farther from the center.   Whatever type of throwing star you may have in your hand, try to get a feel for yourself with which type of grip is more comfortable. The starting position is the star raised a bit above your head. If you are holding the star with your right arm, stand with your left leg forward, and vice versa. Bend your knees slightly, and relax. You are going to be swinging your arm and wrist downwards for the throw, and it is very important when you do, you are holding the ninja star vertically. The throwing motion is extending your arm forward and downward from the position above your head. When you release, your arm should be straight out in front of you. When your arm is swinging down, your wrist should be cocked back a bit, and when you are just about to straighten your arm, flick your wrist downards as fast as you can and release the star so that it flies on target in the trajectory you want it to. Shift your weight to your front leg as you throw; your weight should be on your back leg when you start. You do not need to follow through with your arm after release.

  • Know where your child is anytime

    Human trafficking seems to be happening everywhere, don't let it happen to your child.  The Mini GPS Tracker is easy to use and can be put in a pocket, backpack, purse, or anything your child carries.  This device isn't limited to just children, it works great for older seniors that wonder, pets, vehicles, anyone and anything you need to keep tabs on.

  • Better Safe than Sorry

    I was told as a child to always bring my bathing suit.  No matter where we went, my swim suit always followed.  As a child, I never understood, but as an adult I realized that it was always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.  This follows me with my stun gun, I always have it and hope to not use it.

  • Pets on film

    Surveillance cameras are a great way to not only watch your homestead while you're away or sleeping, but also, to see what your pets are doing.  Whether you have a good old one or a troublesome pet, having a surveillance camera gives many angles and allows you to see what happens anytime you want.  There are systems that even works through your smart phone and android!

  • Bark is mightier than the bite

    The sound of a barking dog on the other side of the door makes people do many things.  Some step back, some leave in fear of a dog coming out, and some hope it's a yorkie with a deep bark.  Either way, having a dog gives you a heads up when anyone or anything is on your property.  Thanks to the electronic barking dog alarm, you can have a guard dog without the food and vet bills.

  • How do stun guns work?

    Stun guns create an electric shock that is quite painful and can also temporarily paralyze your attacker.  The effectiveness and duration is effected by clothing, how much charge is in the battery, and if the attacker has been sweating or moisture on the skin.  With a good stun gun, it only takes a short shock (even just a couple of seconds) to bring most attackers to the ground and create an escape from a threatening situation. The target areas for a stun gun are the attacker’s shoulders, ribs, and upper hip. Beyond that, though, it does not take much imagination to realize that a shock to other more sensitive areas is also very painful!

  • Stun Gunzzzz

    Intruders are a lot like bullies in school.  They love to have the upper hand and prey on the innocent.  I'm so glad technology is out there to make a stun gun like Pretender Cell Stun Gun.  My cousin was going to her car when a suspicious looking character started approaching her.  She reached into her purse and pulled out her stun gun.  Fortunately the shady individual walked on by and she felt the relief knowing she ready "just in case".

  • Pepper Spray Bam!

    Watching cooking shows and the Wildfire Pepper Sprays have something in common, cayenne peppers! I remember making salsa in the house and accidently rubbing my eyes after touching those hot peppers.  FYI, don't do it, it will burn!!! I can just imagine getting sprayed by pepper spray!

  • Rubber Handle Steel Expandable Baton

    A co-worker of mine has a job that causes her to work late into the night.  So for that reason alone, she would carry an expandable baton.  One of those evenings, she was approached by a would-be attacker if it wasn't for her quick thinking and expanding her baton.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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