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  • Running Safety tip 3

    Tip 3 for running safely out there! Put a pepper spray into your pocket! Safety measure 3 to keep you safe. Pepper spray in compact and fits easily into your pocket.  Pepper spray can save your life if you get attacked by a person or canine.

  • Carry your pepper spray

    Pepper spray should be in everyone's purse, belt loop, desk drawer, key ring, nightstand, anywhere you can in order to stop the unwanted from hurting you.  Kids surround your car and start attacking, someone invades a school, thief breaks into your home, a brute wants to rape you, someone pulls a knife on you, robber stops you as you're walking to your car, you're leaving work late, you want to protect your children and yourself as you walk out of a sporting event.  Anywhere, anytime, any unprotected moment someone can try to invade your space.  Pepper spray can change a potential situation.

  • Updated Dog Whistle

    I remember the days when you would blow the dog whistle just to hear the neighbor dogs all start to howl and bark.  Life was simple and entertainment was easy.  Now there are more dogs undisciplined and possible threats as you walk, jog, or stroll.  The super dogchaser is the modernized version of the dog whistle with a bright light to temporarily blind the pooch.  My postal carrier has this on hand just in case a strange dog is wondering the neighborhood.  I would love to see children that walk to school or play near the woods carry this for extra safety.

  • When dogs keep coming

    I have a friends that are dog wardens, postal carriers, even joggers.  They all have something in common, they come in contact with unfamiliar dogs.  Luckily, there are items that can detour the four legs to stop charging.  Whether it be a spray or electronic repellent, I know my friends are safe.  So if you have a friend or family member that walks, jogs, works, or comes in contact with dogs, please have them carry a repellent.

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