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  • Hidden Safe Questions

    Question: Is the hidden safe air tight ?

    Answer: Yes, no smell will come out of it

    Answer: There's no such thing as 'airtight' when it comes to weed.

    Question: can my weed fit in a hidden safe?

    Answer: yeah, I put all of mine in there.

    Answer: Yes, about 1/2oz

    Answer: Yep! you can smell it on the outside of the can though.

    Question: Will I be able to take this can through airport security?

    Answer: I highly suggest NOT doing this. the xray will reveal what is inside.

    Answer: You can't take liquids through the TSA check points so, at a minimum, they'll think it's a liquid like any other, confiscate it and, dispose of it.

    Answer: Yes, and wear a backpack with hidden cocaine

    Answer: Are you (F word) stupid? You aren't even allowed to take that through security if it's actually liquid

    Question: is the hidden safe waterproof?

    Answer: I´m guessing if you submerge it under water it may flood the inside, but it´s defintetly water ressistant, as it is made out of a real can

    Answer: yes, inside the can is a plastic bottle set in some sort of epoxy or plaster. It will keep water out, but i would be leary of submurging it for long periods of time as im not sure what the filler is made of, it may be water soluble.

    Question: Can I fit an e cigarrette/vapor pen in a hidden safe?

    Answer: I'm not familiar with the size but it should fit. Check reviews carefully, there's a moisture problem with these and I've had to throw a couple away. After a few months they start to mildew and the inside smells. Good luck!

    Answer: Yes you can fit a those items inside it.

    Answer: Yes Is Pretty Big I Fit Quite A But Of Stuff In Mine!

    Question: Is the hidden safe insulated, so if I shake it there wont be noise?

    Answer: Yes it's insulated. And no I heard no sounds from it

  • Light your shoes

    Whether you're a runner, hiker, walker, biker. Be an adult, a kid, active or squib. Construction worker, safety guide, Halloween costume, or down a slide. Safety lights for shoes rule!

  • Breaking Glass

    I had a chance to try breaking a window pane in case of an emergency. I used my utility pen and struck the window with force. Wow! What an adrenaline rush! It was awesome! Anytime you get a chance to try glass breaking with your own weapon like my pen, I highly suggest it!!!! I got mine at 6 O'Clock Securities.

  • Diversion safe question


    What diversion safes are big enough to keep a passport in? 



    Passports are usually a little over 3" x 4".
    The following diversion safes are big enough for a passport. 6 O'Clock Securities carries a lemonade can, book, combination book, closet light, even a flower pot safe. Hope this helps.

  • Blowguns

    Every time I take my blowgun out to practice, It always makes me feel like I'm hunting in a primitive fashion.  It's so much fun perfecting my accuracy.  I even put the splatmatic on my blowgun to turn it into an automatic!

  • Save save save!

    6 O'Clock Securities has a great sale going on! Save 15% just by ordering $25 or more and typing Christmas in the coupon code!

  • Auto Emergency Tools

    My sister's life was saved a months ago thanks to her having a simple tool in her car.  She was driving in the pouring down rain, when a deer ran came out of no where.  She steered to avoid the animal.  Unfortunately when she did that, she lost control and landed in a pond.  Thanks to the auto emergency tool, and a shallow pond, she used the tool to cut herself out of the safety belt, then smashed the glass with the hammer.  She turned on the emergency blinking light and was able to flag down a car.

  • Throwing Star Beginner Technique

    Know how to throw ninja stars? The technique can be a little tough at first, but practice, practice, practice.  There are two common ways to throw a ninja star: horizontally, like a frisbee, or vertically, like a baseball, which is also the easiest and the one we will be discussing. Hold a star between your thumb and index finger, using only the tips of the fingers or hold it in a similar fashion, but extend the index finger and have it run along the side of the star.  Depending on the shape and size, you might want to grip it closer or farther from the center.   Whatever type of throwing star you may have in your hand, try to get a feel for yourself with which type of grip is more comfortable. The starting position is the star raised a bit above your head. If you are holding the star with your right arm, stand with your left leg forward, and vice versa. Bend your knees slightly, and relax. You are going to be swinging your arm and wrist downwards for the throw, and it is very important when you do, you are holding the ninja star vertically. The throwing motion is extending your arm forward and downward from the position above your head. When you release, your arm should be straight out in front of you. When your arm is swinging down, your wrist should be cocked back a bit, and when you are just about to straighten your arm, flick your wrist downards as fast as you can and release the star so that it flies on target in the trajectory you want it to. Shift your weight to your front leg as you throw; your weight should be on your back leg when you start. You do not need to follow through with your arm after release.

  • Know where your child is anytime

    Human trafficking seems to be happening everywhere, don't let it happen to your child.  The Mini GPS Tracker is easy to use and can be put in a pocket, backpack, purse, or anything your child carries.  This device isn't limited to just children, it works great for older seniors that wonder, pets, vehicles, anyone and anything you need to keep tabs on.

  • Pets on film

    Surveillance cameras are a great way to not only watch your homestead while you're away or sleeping, but also, to see what your pets are doing.  Whether you have a good old one or a troublesome pet, having a surveillance camera gives many angles and allows you to see what happens anytime you want.  There are systems that even works through your smart phone and android!

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