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Child Safety

At 6 O’clock Securities, we believe the safety of your children is the most important thing you can do as a parent. We provide high-quality child safety products so parents can be more effective in keeping their children safe.

Our child monitoring devices allow you to always know where your child is and how far away they are from you and let you know when they get too far. This gives your kid the freedom to walk on their own while giving you the peace of mind knowing they’re still close. With our help, you can rest easier knowing your child is safe and secure.

They’re also very useful for the elderly. The protection and safety of senior citizens is very important. With our senior safety lights, they can receive better visibility at night preventing injury and you’ll always know where they are with our GPS trackers for seniors.

Shop our collection of kids safety products to find GPS trackers for kids, comprehensive child safety kits, wireless child leashes, and college survival kits at everyday low prices.

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This wireless child alarm can also alert you when a child is getting close to danger zones, even at home. Toddlers might get too far and out of sight, leading them to stairs, swimming pools, or driveways.

Another that we supply here at Revere Security is the Wireless Child Leash wristband that has 70 dB. This one is provided in a pink and black theme plus a yellow and black style.

It is a superb product for trailing kids, pets, elderly persons, as well as belongings that have been foolishly forgotten at the rear. Among those would be a cell phone, a laptop, house keys, or vehicle keys.

This wristband is furnished with a two-way warning. You just press on a button and ring it if your child, an animal, or a senior family member is nowhere to be found.

The wireless leash can trail from 10 to 100 feet of uncovered space or a bit less with walls or things amidst.

And then there are the Safe Steps arm bands and shoe lights. The arm bands could be had in white, yellow, blue, green, red, plus pink. The shoe light can be availed of in all of the same hues.

These Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners clip-on to the back of each shoe within moments.

Every LED shoe light is weather-resistant and gives the individual a glinting yet uniform light design. It allows you to observe your surroundings whenever you are running, ambling by yourself or with a pet, or riding a bicycle.

Similarly, every Safe Steps Arm Band offers the child, adult, or pet better perceptibility while jogging, strolling, or cycling after dusk or before dawn.

It is specifically crucial when and where the street lamps do not illuminate enough where you are standing and where you are going.

The most recent statement given out by the U.S. Department of Justice afforded that, in the year 2002, there were 797,500 children who had vanished. 203,900 of those had been abducted by their own kin.

58,200 of the kids had been seized by other persons to whom they are not related while 115 had been kidnapped by individuals with whom they are unacquainted in any manner.