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Audio Recorders

Conversations may need to be recorded for a number of different reasons such as recording phone calls, interviewing someone, quality control purposes, or recording a lecture for later use. 6 O’clock Securities offers the best MP3 voice recorders that are versatile, reliable, and give you crisp, clear voice audio playback.

Our high-quality digital voice recorders give you incredible value because they are cost-effective, provide exceptional audio quality and come with a variety of useful features and specifications. Using the latest in recording technology, these audio recorders hold up to 4GB, play in MP3 format, and come with a professional external microphone as well as a high-quality built-in microphone. Our digital voice recorders are portable and discreet, and easily fit in any pocket or purse. They’re very simple to use and great for anyone that needs to record conversations!

Shop our selection of MP3 voice audio recorders and find an affordable way to record, store and playback any room or phone conversation you want!

Besides using digital voice recorders for security reasons, they can be an indispensable business tool, whether you need to dictate business letters or memos or record meetings, conferences, interviews or lectures. Modern digital voice recorders are compact, light, and can record hundreds or even thousands of hours of high quality digital audio that can be easily transferred via USB to a personal computer for permanent storage and/or transcription.

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Imagine leaving your child with a babysitter.  Your child is constantly crying when you leave and so you place the audio recorder in the liner of the diaper bag.  You listen to it when you get home to discover your child was crying for a reason.  Another example may be you're curious to know if someone is coming into your office when you leave for a few moments.  The recorder can pick up any voices should there be any.  Example 3 is brainstorming and you want to record and replay later.  Either way, having an audio recorder can be very useful in many ways from saving college lectures to threatening phone calls to music!

You can do even more with digital voice/phone recorders. Other than being able to connect directly to phone jacks, this type is also the best audio recording device for interviews or other live audio sources. Armed with high-grade microphones, it can be used for either indoor or outdoor recording sessions. If necessary, you can even use it to record band performances or other melodic sound bites. If you are enrolled in the type of course wherein it's deadly to miss a single word in class (like law, medicine, or a master’s or doctoral program), a handheld room recorder like this is the best audio recorder for college lectures.

Why would you need an audio recorder when you already have digital devices that can capture sound? Well, you can't always rely on your smartphone, tablet, cell phone, laptop or computer to record conversations for you. In these devices, audio recording is a secondary or tertiary function. Because they are not primarily designed to be used as audio recorders, the reality is that their recording function can sometimes prove to be defective and unreliable.

Even the best and fastest smartphones or laptops in the world can have substandard audio recording features. That is a problem you certainly will not encounter when using a device that's dedicated solely to digitally capturing and storing audio. Handheld audio recorders, spy recorders and mini recorders are all designed with that single purpose in mind. When it comes to audio recording, they are much more reliable than your everyday digital devices.

Whether you are a secretary in charge of taking notes during corporate meetings or a police detective with a lot of leads and suspects, a digital audio recorder is what you are looking for. Get one as well if you are a student who can't afford to miss anything during lectures, a journalist with people to interview, a researcher who has to sift through copious amounts of information, a musician who needs to preserve a melody, or just someone who needs to remember the details of phone conversations.