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Security Scanners

Screen incoming visitors and remove any potential threats by discovering if they’re concealing a weapon or other metal objects on their person using a hand held metal detector from 6 O’clock Securities.

Hand held security scanners and metal detectors allow you to detect unknown metal items and prevent them from entering a location, providing increased safety and security. You may have seen these used at airports, in large buildings, or even at amusement park entrances. With the help of a hand metal detector wand, you can ensure the safety of everyone by locating potentially dangerous metal items and better inspecting them.

Shop our selection of hand security scanner wands to add even more security and protection to your building or area and the people that trust you with their safety.

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Question: is this an actual Garrett scanner or not??

Answer: yes

Question: As a veterinary can I use it to check if there is a metal in animals stomach???

Answer: If it is magnetic metal then absolutely

Question: Is the detector waterproof?

Answer: No it is not.

Question: How to distinguish the original one from the fake one?

Answer: See this website: http://www.garrett.com/mediasite/counterfeiting.aspx

Question: how deep will the super scanner scan wood

Answer: Sorry, we have no response for this question as we use it for scanning persons at security.

Question: does this detect metal in food?

Answer: Simply yes it does. How do I know this. I was curious as well and tried my scanner on everything. I hope this was helpful. One more thing it can also be used to find studs behind walls and hidden wires and bullets in dirty diapers.

Question: Can it scan for needles in clothing?

Answer: Yes I believe it would work, as well as detecting tacks in shoes

Question: Can the audible alert be disengaged so that only the vibration alert is active?

Answer: yes of course! you can use it in vibration alert only, vibration/sound and sound...

Question: Would this scanner good for detecting copper pipes behind walls, and locate them precisely ? Thanks.

Answer: Yes

Question: how deep it detects under ground?

Answer: It's for detecting weapons under clothing. It's not a metal detector for finding things at the beach.

Question: Probably seems like an odd question, anyone know if this will detect sprinkler heads? We have a difficult time locating them on new properties.

Answer: I would guess that it would if you hold it close enough to the ground, but do you really want to crawl around swiping every inch of your property? Might be better off with one of those stand up metal detectors like people use for beach combing. Just a thought.

Question: do I have to order the charger also?

Answer: Does not come with a charger. It works from batteries in the handle.