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Automotive Safety

Your car. It’s your home away from home and it gets you from A to B. The average person spends quite a large amount of time in their car. But what some people don’t realize is that vehicles can actual be a vulnerable place for you and your family. Not only can accidents happen but cars are prone to burglary and theft when parked. That’s why we compiled a car safety tools collection of self-defense to help keep safe when in your car.

A diversion safe for your car hides valuable items from theft disguising them inside ordinary automotive items like an engine degreaser can. We have the best tactical pens at a great low price giving you a cost effective way to defend yourself from oncoming attackers or break a car window if you’re trapped inside. Have you ever fallen asleep while driving? With the car nap alarm’s head nod detection and anti-sleep sound, that won’t ever happen again.

Most tactical flashlights are equipped with a striking bezel that can be used for self defense. Some models are also equipped with a blinding strobe feature that can disorientate an attacker. When gripped in the fist a metal or even a hard plastic flashlight can be used to pummel the head and face or other parts of a body. Grip one in your fist as if you were going to pound on a door.

Shop the whole car safety tools collection from 6 O’clock Securities and discover products like the best tactical pens, anti-drowsiness alarms, visor clip pepper spray, and diversion safes for cars. 

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Our lives can be very unpredictable sometimes. Anything can happen: a car crash or somebody who is harassing you. It would be a good thing to have something, some object that could be used for other purpose but which can serve as a weapon as well. This is why you have to learn how to use a tactical pen not just keep one in the vehicle.

The tactical pen is what the survival specialists call a “multi tool”. You can use it as a pen, obviously. Its size, shape and appearance are the ones of a common pen. And you can use this device to write with it in the first place. The difference between this one and other pens is the fact that it has another use. It is a very powerful self-defense tool. The good thing about these weapons is that they are quite small and easy to carry. You can also easily hide them in a pocket.

The best tools of this kind can serve more purposes. This multi-tool can get you out of trouble. It can be used for writing, stopping someone by causing a minor wound, breaking things and even breaking glass if you use it well.

Diversion safes also help in situations where you may need to hide something. These items look just like everyday cans people see in the automotive aisles. A diversion safe can store money, jewelry and other valuables, and it might be exactly what you need in your car. The best part is that they're incredibly affordable, and police suggest that they're even more effective at protecting your things than a heavy, locked safe is.