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Diversion Safes

On average, burglars and thieves spend only about eight minutes in the home from which they are stealing. You can trick burglars into skipping over your valuable items by hiding them in a hidden diversion safe from 6 O’clock Securities.

Hidden diversion safes, also called stash cans or boxes, are safes disguised as common everyday household items in which you can hide anything that fits inside. Typically made from the products they’re made to look like, secret hidden safes are often hollowed out and include an inconspicuous access point where you can gain entry to a secret compartment for your items. No one will be the wiser that you’re concealing valuable items when they see the ordinary look of the safe’s outside container.

Shop our unique selection of diversion safes and concealment devices for a cost effective way to protect your prized possessions inside a disguised safe in plain sight.

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Question: Is it air tight ?

Answer: Yes, no smell will come out of it

Answer: There's no such thing as 'airtight' when it comes to weed.

Question: can my weed fit in it

Answer: yeah, I put all of mine in there.

Answer: Yes, about 1/2oz

Answer: Yep! you can smell it on the outside of the can tho.

Question: Will I be able to take this can through airport security?

Answer: I highly suggest NOT doing this. the xray will reveal what is inside.

Answer: You can't take liquids through the TSA check points so, at a minimum, they'll think it's a liquid like any other, confiscate it and, dispose of it.

Answer: Yes, and wear a backpack with hidden cocaine

Answer: Are you (F word) stupid? You aren't even allowed to take that through security if it's actually liquid

Question: is it waterproof?

Answer: I´m guessing if you submerge it under water it may flood the inside, but it´s defintetly water ressistant, as it is made out of a real can

Answer: yes, inside the can is a plastic bottle set in some sort of epoxy or plaster. It will keep water out, but i would be leary of submurging it for long periods of time as im not sure what the filler is made of, it may be water soluble.

Question: Can I fit an e cigarrette/vapor pen in here?

Answer: I'm not familiar with the size but it should fit. Check reviews carefully, there's a moisture problem with these and I've had to throw a couple away. After a few months they start to mildew and the inside smells. Good luck!

Answer: Yes you can fit a those items inside it.

Answer: Yes Is Pretty Big I Fit Quite A But Of Stuff In Mine!

Question: Is it insulated, so if I shake it there wont be noise?

Answer: Yes it's insulated. And no I heard no sounds from it